Shi Johnson-Bey

Ph.D. Candidate in Computational Media @ UC Santa Cruz

My name is Ishmael "Shi" Johnson-Bey (pronounced like "shy"). My research focuses on building tools to help people use social simulations for emergent storytelling in games. Think of it like The Sims, but more simple. My goal is to build tools that make it easier for people to tell stories where the narrative progression is influenced by simulated relationships between characters.


You can view all my active and past projects on the Projects page of my website. I try to give a decent description of each project along with links for people interested in the code and any playable demos!

screenshot of Calypso sample game.

Graphic Design

Aside from coding, I enjoy creating logos and stickers because I think that they make people feel special and like they are a part of something. Some of my work is available on RedBubble, but most of the pieces are not actively for sale.

stickers on a table