Raid AI

January 04, 2020

unity screenshot

This Project is archived and not in progress

Inspired by my enjoyment of raids in games like Destiny, I started working on this project during my free time. The goal is to train AI agents to work as a team to defeat a boss character in an MMORPG-style Raid battle. This project is my first exploration into cooperative multi-agent machine learning (MARL). There are two components to this project that interest me the most. The first is teaching the team of agents to cooperate based on their role on the team (RPG class). The second is teaching the large boss character to attack enemies and efficiently defend themselves from multiple attackers. I think raids are ideal environments for teaching intelligent agents cooperation and role-playing skills. I see MMORPGs taking advantage of a system like this to produce better companion AI. Currently, this project is very much a work in progress as I am still designing the environment. If this project proves successful, I would like to expand the results to a published game. I am not working on this at the moment. One day I’ll revisit and finish.